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Fostering Student Belonging through Inclusive Language


Understand how language shapes student belonging, and explore resources and identify practices that center inclusive language in your teaching practice in this two-part workshop. The workshop will cover topics such as avoiding microaggressive language, using person-centered language, promoting gender and … Read more

Virtually Limitless: How Can AR/VR Make Your Profession More Productive? (in person)

Innovate Carolina Junction 136 East Rosemary, Street Suite 100, Chapel Hill, NC

Join faculty and technologists from several of UNC-Chapel Hill’s professional schools—medicine, nursing, public health, business, and journalism and media, and business—for flash presentations and demos of eye-popping professional applications of AR/VR tech. From an immersive VR learning technology that trains … Read more

Supporting Neurodivergent Students


Learn about common forms of neurodiversity, the obstacles that neurodiverse students might encounter in academia and teaching strategies to overcome those obstacles in this two-part workshop. All participants will attend a first session on Wednesday, November 8; then, participants can … Read more