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Partner with CareerWell to support holistic workforce development in North Carolina and build a talented and diverse pipeline of leaders for your organization. CareerWell offers you opportunities to partner with Carolina to shape the future of holistic and integrated workforce readiness at your organization, in North Carolina and beyond.

Through CareerWell, you can directly impact the training of students and workers to up-skill and re-skill in several essential areas, including leadership, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, data analysis, digital literacy, market and technology evaluation, intellectual property, commercialization, finance, teamwork, and communication.

To support skill development in these areas, we work with our partners to jointly build several type of experiential learning opportunities, including:

Interdisciplinary team projects

We work with our partners to design real-world projects, and then we recruit interdisciplinary teams comprising CareerWell participants to complete the projects.

Courses and workshop series

Through our courses and development series, we provide professionals in the for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors opportunities to lead or participate in activities that will expose CareerWell participants to valuable considerations, strategies, and skill development in areas highly valued by employers such as team science, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and inclusiveness.

Networking events and site visits

We will tailor networking events, site visits, and other activities to the needs of both our partners and program participants to facilitate meaningful engagement.