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Preparing Your Teaching Demo for a Job Interview (virtual)


As part of the interview process for a faculty position in the U.S., you may be asked to lead a teaching demonstration. In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss ways to go into your teaching demo with preparedness, confidence, and adaptability. … Continued

Laying the Foundations for a Successful Teaching Career (virtual)


This five-session short course explores and builds a foundation of skills and habits to develop teaching approaches that will support a successful teaching career. Development of these skills can start as early as graduate school. This short course includes developing … Continued

Mastering research presentations for the public (in-person)

Carroll Hall 305 Chapel Hill, NC

You know your research really, really well-but do you know it well enough to explain it in a clear and compelling manner to the broader public? Whether you're giving a presentation to a lay audience, delivering a job talk, interviewing … Continued

Navigating Your Role as a New TA

The Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC

Serving as a graduate TA takes on many forms, can relate to disciplinary differences and faculty approaches, and has many layers. Yet it can be a productive opportunity for your professional development. By participating in this workshop, you will learn … Continued

Energizing the Classroom: Active Learning and Evidence-based Teaching (online)


Participants will learn tangible strategies to increase student engagement and their achievement of learning outcomes. These student-centered strategies promote inclusion and participation of all students. Pitfalls with implementing active learning techniques and approaches to overcome these challenges will also be … Continued

CFE Faculty Showcase on Teaching

Online and in-person

We are pleased to announce the program for the CFE Faculty Showcase on Teaching, being offered remotely on Thursday, March 23 and in-person at the Carolina Club on Friday, March 24. This year’s event will include: Concurrent sessions featuring more than … Continued

CIRTL Network Teaching-as-Research Presentations (virtual)


Hear graduate students and postdocs from across the CIRTL Network share the results of their Teaching-as-Research (TAR) projects in this online presentation session. TAR projects investigate questions about teaching and learning, including assessing the effectiveness of specific learning activities and … Continued