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“Professional development resources and programming supplemented the discipline-specific training I had in my department, and it was incredibly valuable. Thank you very much for making it possible.” —Anneliese Long; Ph.D. student; Department of Anthropology

Core Competencies

The core competencies provide a guide for your professional development at each stage in your graduate career. These competencies are inclusive of masters and doctoral students across disciplines and applicable to a wide range of professional settings. At different stages in your graduate career, there are various actions in which you can engage to develop each competency.

Core competencies

Self-Awareness/Self Assessment

  • Emotional intelligence, financial literacy, interpersonal skills, wellness, professional identity


  • Interpersonal understanding, mentoring, collaboration, networking

Academic Development

  • Scholarship, teaching, research, critical thinking

Leadership and Professionalism

  • Ethics, planning, leading teams, problem solving, evaluation

Career Development

  • Personal/professional organization, flexibility, success