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The Proactive Public Intellectual


This session will feature panelists in academia who regularly present their work publicly and to audiences outside their disciplines. The session will cover: Aligning your research values with a public presence and understanding the scope and limits of academic freedom … Continued

How to market your Ph.D.


As a grad student or postdoc, you might be wondering what you can do with your Ph.D. Where can you apply your skills and experience outside of academia in a meaningful and rewarding way? And how can you communicate your … Continued

The Responsive Public Intellectual


This panel session will cover important media training skills including: How to work with journalists; How to offer compelling quotes and observations for media stories; How to work with university communications teams and staff; When to say "no" and turn … Continued

How to showcase your work with an online portfolio (in-person)

The Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC

Creating an online portfolio has never been easier, and doing so allows you to share unlimited samples of your best work in a range of formats through a single link. In this interactive workshop session, we will discuss and implement … Continued