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CareerWell offers several graduate (GRAD) seven-week online courses led by business professionals. CareerWell courses are offered during the fall and/or spring semesters to support skill development in several competency areas, including:

  • Business communication
  • Leadership
  • Applied project management
  • Financial accounting
  • Marketing
  • Technology commercialization
  • Team collaboration
  • Digital transformation

CareerWell courses – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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CareerWell course offerings

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GRAD 712 - Leadership in the Workplace (1.5 credits)

Effective leadership begins with understanding your capacity to influence others positively.  This course examines your current leadership style and addresses the relationship of that style to leadership development opportunities including influencing team dynamics, building productive relationships and managing change as a professional and a leader.

GRAD 713 - Applied Project Management: Frameworks, Principles and Techniques (1.5 credits)

This course focuses on practical project management principles and techniques, demonstrating their effectiveness in the workplace. Key topics include frameworks and methodologies, planning and monitoring projects, risk management, stakeholder management, managing your team, and time and cost management. This course will include group work.

GRAD 715 - Business Communication (1.5 credits)

Business communication is a seven-week course and development series designed to provide Carolina graduate students strategies and tactics for: (1) clearly, concisely, and convincingly communicating their ideas in business settings; and (2) operating with a client (eg, internal, external) focus. Students will explore some of the fundamentals of business writing, including practices for writing common business documents (eg, memoranda, emails) as well as proposals (eg, grants, bids, strategic partnerships) and executive summaries. Grading status: Letter grade.

GRAD 717 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and The Entrepreneurial Mindset (1.5 credits)

Provides graduate students from a wide range of programs with an overview of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. As part of this, students will learn and apply the lean startup methodology to develop and validate a business idea.

GRAD 725 - Build Your Professional Brand (1.5 credits)

Building effective job search materials and a strong online presence is essential for career success inside and outside the academy. In GRAD 725, you will work with professionals with expertise in all areas of the job search process to develop your brand including LinkedIn profile, resume/CV, cover letters and more. You will identify your job values and job skills and develop a professional development plan. Interactive sessions will provide the setting to develop/refine your job search materials and your career approach. Open to all graduate students in any discipline.

GRAD 725 is a required course for some programs and credits earned will apply to the degree requirements of those programs. GRAD 725 is also an elective course to earn the Graduate Certificate in Business Fundamentals. For all other programs, please check with your Director of Graduate Studies to learn how GRAD 725 will count toward your degree requirements. Sample GRAD 725 syllabus.

GRAD 727 - Team Collaboration (1.5 credits)

Course instructor approval required for enrollment; invitation only.

Team Collaboration is a half-semester course and development series  to prepare Carolina graduate students to work within multidisciplinary teams and complete real-world projects designed jointly with partnering companies and organizations. This seven-week series will support the ability of Carolina graduate students to develop skills in several areas, gain practical work experience as a part of a cross-disciplinary team, and leverage their disciplinary training and creativity to move ideas. Instruction mode: In-person, on-campus learners.

Grading status: Letter grade.

GRAD 736 - Venture Capital Practicum (1.5 credits)

In this experiential course, students will explore the activities and tools needed to make actual investment decisions for emerging companies. The course is offered in collaboration with Carolina Research Ventures (CRV), which supports companies engaged in commercializing technologies and other assets emanating from the University and UNC Health. Students will learn principles of rigorous and reproducible due diligence and market research; learn key components to the conduct of thorough due diligence on early-stage companies.

GRAD 737 - Journey to Entrepreneurship: Building Your Startup Skillset (1.5 credits)

Provides a skill-driven curriculum for trainees interested in the fundamentals of launching and financing startups, including university spinouts. Led by a different subject matter expert each week, course topics will include fundraising strategies for your startup, preparing for due diligence and how to effectively pitch to your investors. Insights and skills gained from this course will enable students to work effectively with startup companies and entrepreneurs.

GRAD 755 - Technology Commercialization Fundamentals (1.5 credits)

Technology Commercialization Fundamentals is a seven-week, online course offered through Innovate Carolina’s KickStart Venture Services and The Graduate School’s CareerWell program to provide an overview of the fundamental first steps of technology commercialization, with a specific emphasis on university technology commercialization (aka technology transfer). The course will cover several topics, including market assessment, intellectual property, technology development, licensing, commercial development, and University startups.