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William D. Green

Graduate program

Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition

What initially interested you about participating in 3MT?

A close friend competed in the previous year’s 3MT competition and shared their wonderful experience.

What value did participating in 3MT add to your graduate career?

I found the preparation for competition to be invaluable. It allowed me to practice how to disseminate my research in a concise and persuasive manner. This 3 minute pitch has come in handy, from discussing my findings with other colleagues at conferences to family gatherings and social events. It helped me to focus the description on how my research contributes to the greater general knowledge of my interested topic area and beyond.

What would you tell others about the experience?

Absolutely participate! Winning is a bonus but the experience itself is fun, illuminating, and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your graduate student peer’s and their work.

Watch William’s 2018 3MT presentation here.

Learn more about the 3MT competition here!

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