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Professional Development convenes a CIRTL advisory group, comprised of leadership from The Graduate School, the University, and of graduate students.


  • Beth Mayer-Davis, Ph.D.
    • Dean, The Graduate School, CIRTL administrator
  • Brian Rybarczyk, Ph.D.
    • Associate Dean, The Graduate School, CIRTL co-administrator
  • Stephanie Schmitt, Ph.D. Associate Dean, The Graduate School
  • Vanessa Doriott Anderson, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, The Graduate School
  • Kaili Boyes, Graduate student, biomedical engineering
  • Erin Davenport
    • Graduate student, Sociology
  • Grace Hamilton, Ph.D.
    • SPIRE postdoctoral scholar; Biology
  • Kelly Hogan, Ph.D.
    • Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation; Teaching Professor in Biology
  • Beka Layton, Ph.D. Director; Graduate education, UNC School of Medicine
  • John Lin, Graduate student, bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Chad Lloyd
    • Graduate student; Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences
  • Viji Sathy, Ph.D.
    • Professor of the practice, Psychology and Neuroscience
    • Associate Dean for Evaluation and Assessment
  • Marissa Stewart, Ph.D. Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Jessica Soldavini, Ph.D.
    • Assistant professor, Nutrition