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Partner with CareerWell to support holistic workforce development in North Carolina and build a talented and diverse pipeline of leaders for your organization.

Current Partners

Enzerna Biosciences, Inc, is a pre-clinical stage company that is leveraging its proprietary RNA editing technology to develop long-term curative gene therapies for rare genetic disorders.

Key Features

CareerWell offers you opportunities to partner with Carolina to shape the future of holistic and integrated workforce readiness at your organization, in North Carolina, and beyond.

Through CareerWell, you can directly impact the training of students and workers to up-skill and re-skill in several essential areas, including leadership, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, data analysis, digital literacy, market and technology evaluation, intellectual property, commercialization, finance, teamwork, and communication.

To support skill development in these areas, we work with our partners to jointly build several type of experiential learning opportunities, including:

  • Interdisciplinary Team Projects – We work with our partners to design real-world projects, and then we recruit interdisciplinary teams comprising CareerWell participants to complete the projects.
  • Courses & Workshop Series – Through our courses and development series, we provide professionals in the for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors opportunities to lead or participate in activities that will expose CareerWell participants to valuable considerations, strategies, and skill development in areas highly valued by employers such as team science, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and inclusiveness.
  • Networking Events & Site Visits – We will tailor networking events, site visits, and other activities to the needs of both our partners and program participants to facilitate meaningful engagement.


Key Benefits

Tailored Content, Projects, Networking, & Other Events

We tailor the program’s content, project work, and activities to the interests and needs of our partners. For example, we offer our sponsors opportunities to lead workshops and seminars that support skill development in key technical areas (eg, formulations chemistry, quality practices, risk management, clinical research strategy, application of programming and coding strategies to manage big data).

We also provide sponsors opportunities to participate in short- and long-term multidisciplinary team projects designed to provide meaningful outcomes for our partners. Sponsoring organizations can populate events with staff and receive exclusive advertising opportunities through signage, print publications, and Web-based media.

Recruitment Support Service

On behalf of CareerWell sponsors, we will recruit top Carolina students and CareerWell participants whose credentials align with jobs, internships, team projects, and other opportunities offered by the sponsoring organization. We also offer a talent exchange portal and work with sponsors to facilitate on-site or virtual interviews of program participants.

Executives in Residence

CareerWell sponsors directly participate in the education of talented professionals. CareerWell Executives in Residence are offered opportunities to teach and mentor CareerWell participants through courses, workshops, seminars, and other activities.

Exclusive Recognition

We offer recognition in local, regional, and national presentations and other events as well as on the CareerWell website. Your company logo will be posted on the corporate partnership page, and the logo will link directly to your corporate homepage. We also meet with our sponsors during individual, quarterly meetings. Moreover, sponsors are offered a seat on the CareerWell Advisory Committee.

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Please contact Jason Cramer at to discuss CareerWell annual corporate memberships.