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Demystifying Informational Interviews


Informational interviews can be one of the most valuable job search tools available to you. But what exactly are they? Where do they fit into your job search? And how do you get one? Join Beyond Graduate School Founder L. … Read more

CV to Résumé (in-person)


If you’re in graduate school, you probably have a CV: a long list of research, teaching, and service activities that shows your aptitude for a job in academia. But if you’re considering a career outside academia (or if you’re pursuing … Read more

Survive and Thrive! New TA Institute

As a graduate student, being assigned a Teaching Assistant role for the first time--or with an expanded set of TA responsibilities--can feel daunting. This 4-hour institute provides graduate students with functional skills central to their success in their TA roles. … Read more

Developing a CV or Resume

Enroll now! In this course, become familiar with the formats, purposes, and structures of various academic and professional CVs, through individual and group reviews of exemplary documents, and through drafting a long-form CV and a shorter document (NSF or NIH biosketch, … Read more

What can I do with my Ph.D.?


How can PhDs build meaningful and impactful careers after their degree or postdoc? Now more than ever, PhDs work in a variety of career fields, leveraging their education and training wherever smart people are needed. But how exactly do PhDs successfully job … Read more

How to prepare for a video interview for an academic job


This webinar will help you learn what to expect in a job interview that takes place over Zoom, Skype, or some other video-conferencing platform. Join the Beyond the Professoriate team to learn how best to approach a screening interview and … Read more

Salary Negotiation Workshop (online)


Topics include:  Understanding the fundamentals of compensation in tech How to get over your fears of negotiating How to decide which company/offer is right for you How to negotiate without counter offers and without knowing "market value" How to respond … Read more

Acing the Interview: Behavioral Questions (in-person)

The Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Behavioral questions are a common component of hiring, especially outside academia. "Tell me about a time when..." is a useful way of getting to know more about how you have handled real-life professional situations in the past, bringing tangible evidence … Read more

Course Development Institute for Graduate Students (in-person)

Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Are you teaching a course for the first time as an instructor of record? Have you taught before and want to revise or refresh the content? This workshop will use Backward Course Design to assist instructors on developing a syllabus, … Read more

2022 HCG scientific career exploration forum


Join experts from a world leader in global medical and healthcare communications to learn how esteemed scientists, empowered by innovation and global collaborations, create breakthrough communications at the frontiers of medicine and science. REGISTER