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Dissertation Writing Boot Camp


A week-long opportunity for students currently writing dissertations to set writing goals, practice disciplined writing habits, learn new strategies and connect with other dissertation writers. What do participants do each day? Set SMART goals for the week before the camp … Read more

What We Learned About Job Searching in 2023


Layoffs, rebounds, AI, a near recession. Everything about today’s job market feels like it’s in flux. So how have the events of 2023 impacted job options for PhDs? Join the entire Beyond the Prof staff as they reflect on lessons … Read more

Is Your Resume Not Getting You Interviews? Here’s Why.


Sending out resume after resume, but not getting any interviews? You’re not alone. In fact, 48% of graduate students falsely believe that submitting resumes is the most effective way to job search. But it’s actually not. This interactive workshop will … Read more